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Who and Where?

The Virtual Space Museum is currently located at the Computing Center of Russian Academy of Science (CC RAS).

The author of the VSM is Alexander V. Chernov (
At my homepage you can find a little more info about me plus a collection of my freeware and shareware.

What's here?

Here you'll find mainly VRML models of Russian spacecraft and launch facilities. A few nice pictures, schemes and timelines are also here.

A strict definition of which spacecraft are included here is as follows:
Flown Soviet/Russian manned and interplanetary craft and related items.
Of course, there may be exceptions.

What's on the logo?

It's the Kosmos pavilion at the VDNKh and Vostok rocket which stands in front of it.

This site's goal

The VSM's goal is to let you see all the Russian cosmonautics rather than to provide you with encyclopaedic information. If you need figures and descriptions, try sites listed in the Links section. If not, try them anyway - there is lots of interesting things there.